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I partner with mothers to walk through the jungle of parenting and life.


I work with overwhelmed mums who are struggling to teach their children the best lessons and values and who are having difficulties communicating to create a strong relationship with them, while at the same time wanting to be a successful and accomplished woman. 

My vision

My vision is to help change this world, one child at a time, by helping mothers be happy as accomplished women and mums while being a role model in order to raise confident, resilient and happy children.

My mission

Parenting is the most challenging job you will ever have. 

Every mother is the expert of her own family, and as a coach, it is not my job to tell you what works given that we are all unique, but rather to help you become the best version of yourself.

Every child needs—and deserves—a sense of belonging and significance. It is my job to help mothers provide that in the most authentic and loving way possible.  

Parenting can be difficult and overwhelming but it can also be fun. Either way, it’s worth the effort! 

I coach mothers to help them make better decisions that support their children's optimal thinking and emotional/social development in order to help them develop their children’s true self, instead of our expectations about them.

When we are happy, fulfilled, and present for our children, and ourselves everyone thrives.  

I believe that parenting should come from the heart, not from what society wants us to be, and it is my mission to help your parenting do just that. ​

I ask probing, enlightening, and sometimes difficult questions. I also read between the lines, provide positive feedback, and hold my clients accountable when needed. 

I encourage forward progress by helping my clients identify their challenges and limiting beliefs, guiding them in the creation of actionable steps to overcome those challenges, providing them with resources, and helping them highlight and increase the positives in any situation. 

I truly love the time I get to spend with each and every client helping them uncover their potential and the gifts their children have to offer them. 

Seeing mothers go from frustrated to fearless, and from feelings of helplessness to hopefulness, is very rewarding.


For some, the sense of overwhelm that comes with the arrival of a child and the accompanying shift in identity lasts a short while. For others, it sets in and doesn’t let go for years to come.  For others still, it comes and goes with the changing seasons of parenthood—each new phase bringing a fresh sense of uncertainty, challenge, fear, and frustration. 

My Training & Coaching program can help in any one of these stages of parenting — come join me and discover the transformative power of this process for yourself!

I was not ready to be a mother before the age of 30.  I knew that after having a child, my life would never be the same again, so I decided to do all that was important for me as a woman and as a spouse. All around I was enjoying my total freedom of doing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. 

At 30, I was finally ready to change my life and completely redefine the word ‘responsibility’. 

I wanted 2 boys because I was convinced that they would be easier to bring up than girls, especially because I was a tough girl to bring up, particularly during my teenage years. I was very fortunate to have 2 boys, however my perception and belief that boys would be easier to bring up was totally wrong, no matter their age. 

The reality was that becoming a parent felt a little bit like getting hit by a big truck. 

I love my boys madly and deeply, but I completely lost track of who I was. And my marriage, with the time, ended up breaking me at many levels, forcing me to make very hard choices for my children's sake. 

Self-care became a priority of the past as I stopped exercising and taking care of my mental and physical health. 

I felt lonely and overwhelmed. I became frustrated and reactive. I felt like I was in sacrifice and survival mode constantly. 

I felt a lot of love, which is a true gift but not a lot of happiness as I kept wanting to do my Parenting role “right” and “better” and “more”. 

Children can be very surprising:  when we survive one challenge, they seem very happy to throw another one at us. 

When my first son was born, I quickly realized that parenting was hard.  It took me a bit longer to understand that there is no “right” way to do it—just what works for each of our unique children and ourselves.

Thanks to my strong commitment when deciding to become a parent, I never gave up on my role despite all the challenges I went through, starting with my first son who took 18 months to sleep one full night. 

What I understood with the time and knowledge is that my expectations about parenting did not align with their reality and expectations, as they were MY expectations.

The teenage phase was really the most challenging one for me as I felt that I was never understood, never doing enough, never good enough. Because I was doing so much, it was hard to accept that I felt guilty, powerless, and clueless.​​

Like most parents, I bought many books and courses on parenting, watched many videos, and read many articles, however I realized that all those tools were not enough as they are all external.

That's when I decided to start exploring coaching, which focuses more on our internal thoughts and emotions in order for us to gain awareness, clarity, and make the choices that will bring us the results we want.

My huge transformation happened during this amazing coaching journey as I was coaching my peers but I was also coached by them, which definitely impacted my life at all levels and my interactions with my children. I drastically reduced my shouting and reactions to their triggering behaviours and improved my communication with them so that they felt more understood and heard. 

Then, hearing from my sons how other teenagers were suffering from their parents giving up on them, given that this teenage phase is so challenging for both sides, left me wondering: 

What would happen if parents just like me were better supported? 

What if it was easier to discover and understand what works for us? 

What if parents had the support of a professional Conscious Parenting Coach to help them through the huge transition into parenthood, to address challenging behaviours, or put themselves back on the to-do list?  

How might things have been different if I had had that when my children were small? How might they be different?  

That’s when I decided to become a Conscious Parenting Coach, and right along with it, the realisation that this was clearly my heart’s calling and purpose. But I wasn’t sure I was brave enough to start a side business.  I had worked long and hard for my career, and shifting focus completely seemed crazy and impossible. 

Climbing the ladder of the corporate world up to the top by being a CEO of a cosmetics company managing 160 staff in Cambodia was an amazing journey. 

I loved my work. My identity was fully wrapped up in my work.  But I wanted to explore another path and stretch myself more, outside of my comfort zone.  ​

​​So, like with every change, I started small. 

I began taking a Transformative Coaching course with a school in Singapore, which is part of the International Coach Federation (ICF), and obtained my ACC Credential. Then, I realised I wanted to do more and decided to continue with the PCC Certification, which is a higher and deeper level of coaching.

I also learned all I could about self-development, conscious parenting, goal achievements, productivity, mindfulness, and wisdom. I read everything I could get my hands on and attended many online lecture offered- but it wasn’t enough.  

My professional transformation took nearly 2 years to realize, but finally culminated with the completion of a Conscious Parenting Certification program through the Jai Institute for Parenting. 

During this time, I felt calm and confident in my parenting choices and more willing and able to “put my own oxygen mask on first.”


Is my motherhood perfect? No. Do I know and have it all? No.

Is my relationship with my children perfect? No.

As you all know, perfection does not exist. But I am doing my best every single day by juggling with acceptance, letting go and improving myself. 


I am still working in a leadership role in the cosmetics industry but I decided to start my own Conscious Parenting Training & Coaching as a side business. 

Having worked with many different people from all walks of life and different countries made me very adaptable to the individuals I interact with.

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