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Change begins the moment you allow it

My clients are the courageous mothers who seek a truly meaningful life and are committed to fulfillment and connection with their children and themselves.

They are called to lead with the intelligence of love, combined with a willingness to transform limiting elements of their lives into limitless possibilities for greater fulfilment and learning.

Ultimately, this powerfully transforms your entire world so you may be the change you wish to see.

Something mighty resides within of you, waiting to be brought to life.

It is my honour to help you do that.

Conscious Parenting Personal Program

A 10 weeks journey towards consciousness 

Through a 10 week program I will guide and support you to make incredibly powerful shifts in your parenting and in your family relationships.  Each week, I will provide new tools and techniques to help you develop a long lasting connection with your children and other members of your family.  

I will help you understand what's happening in your children's brain and with their cognitive development.  Together, we will discuss how to communicate effectively with them, which will lead to deeper, more fulfilling relationships.

Your home will become more peaceful and communication will be enhanced.  Family values will be at the forefront of all of your minds.  Through the techniques we create together, you can eliminate the need for time-outs, consequences, or punishments as a means of disciplining your children.

You and your children will be able to easily move through difficult situations within the home.  You will nurture a deep connection that allows your children to feel safe to communicate with you in any situation.  

If you are frustrated with yelling, punishing, threatening, or closing your eyes on unacceptable behaviours (you know we all do this) and instead would like to raise respectful, polite, and thoughtful children (yes they do exist) who are self-confident, responsible, and happy, then click the button below to have a FREE CALL with me to see how, you too, can become a Conscious Parent.


Conscious Parenting Group Program


A 10 weeks Ultimate Empowerment Group 

Get support from me and fellow mothers.

A space where you feel held and heard... Without judgement or expectations... 

A space where you can learn tips and tools on Conscious Parenting and how to deepen your relationships with your family… 

A space where you can feel at home with being who you are.

If this is what you are seeking I have a wonderful opportunity for you to join my 10 weeks Group program with like minded souls.  

These sessions are held for 1h Weekly via Zoom and a private group discussion space is provided.


What to expect from this Group Program? 

Each session includes a 10’ Empathy checking, 20’ Learning and 30’ Individual Coaching.

You will have access to an exclusive online forum for group connection.

The group size is kept small to ensure optimal learning and support.


 Personal Program 

Forgive the Past, Reclaim Life, Rebuild your Future

Maybe you have a keen sense of what your recurring issues are, yet haven't quite figured out how to resolve them. 

If you are feeling that it’s time to dig deeper so you feel stronger, more secure, and really at home with who you are. You are in the right place.

We will work together to help you learn how to truly know yourself and accept the beautiful creature you are. You’ll practice extraordinary self-kindness, making powerful choices that reflect your true self. You’ll become wiser, more confident, and truly be able to communicate with courage and clarity in love as well as all aspects of your life.

I don’t help people get comfortable within their existing paradigm of limitation. I help people change the world they exist within, both internally and externally. This allows for a breath of fresh air to sweep through your world, rebuilding core trust and kindness within yourself, which is then reflected onto your children and family.

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